Welcome investor, let’s build the first Social Food Marketplace Together.

Here you can find a set of highlighted food creators stores and videos of the current state of the technology.

In Liberet we are building a place where food creators can sell socially, with all the set of tools they need to suceed.

We are impact driven and Technology Focused. Our goal is to fundamentally change and improve how food is moved, consumed and enjoyed around the world.

Enabling hundred of food creators with the tools they need to thrive.

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Mal Amaría

Mixology, they delivery the experience of Mezcal at your door, with different courses on how to prepare it.

Papagayo Gourmet

Direct from venezuela, two home cooks made one of the most hiped brands of Venezuelan food in our city.

Cardona Bakery

Cardona is an awarded Culinary chef, that bakes for top restaurants in Guadalajara, he can only sell if you order in advance. With Liberet we make order booking easy for him.

Wedding Place

A couple that started their business on doing wedding planning and now they are running one of the best Instagram channels in our city.

Bee society

Bee society is a honey brand made at home that was latter industrialized and they can make you specialty honey if you ask for it.


One of the biggest meal kit companies in our city, they focus on delivering weekly meal plans, Andres co-founder of Liberet is owner for Nutreasy for 8 years


Home made brand of freeze pops! Only on Liberet 😉 


They cook at home unique products, like artisan ginger beer, whole grain bread and all kind of unique dairy free products.

Punto Parrilla

They do food for events, they bring catering to your office or event, focused on Argentina steaks.

This is the current state of the technology by Q4-2021, we continue improving on it, so it might not be completly accurate

Improving and making a fundamental change on how food is moved, consumed and enjoyed around the world.