Our Story, KPI’s and decisions 

Q1 – 2019

On 2019 February we decided to fix the problem office workers had with healthy weekly foods in Guadalajara, they only had expensive delivery options through Uber eats and Rappi. We built an MVP in less than a week, an App just for Android that allowed you to select a different meal every day from a selection of meals we actually cooked in our backyard.

Feb 2019


  • 1 week Android MVP
  • We started delivering the following week
  • The deliveries where done by us
  • We were producing the food

March 2019

Meals delivered to offices 10/day

  • Stared delivering to offices
  • Average spent per customer 32 USD per week

End of March 2019

Meals delivered to offices 14/day

  • Customers where complaining at the package.
  • Operations where extremelly hard
  • Experience was extremelly good.